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Teaching target oriented, specific in short term problem solving: Business English and Professional English
First Certificate, Toefl, Ielts, Cae, Ket, Pet, Proficiency: specific preparation both in speaking, grammar, listening. 
Conversation at any level in order to improve fluency and widen vocabulary. 
Role play and simulation of difficult situation as a device to feel more confident in the real approach to life. 
Cv preparation and Simulation of job interviews.

English courses

Any level: from Beginner to Advanced.
Starting at the beginning of October and lasting up to the end of May. 
Weekly of 90 mn each; maximum 10 students per class. 
All the courses are in English and are held by professional graduated bilingual teachers or native speaker ones. 
All courses focus on speaking and fluency improvement although some of them also include grammar.  
Beginner/ Pre-Intermediate classes are based both on grammar explanation and on the immediate use of practical situation such as: vocabulary/idiomatic expressions. We also practice on reservations, phone calls, taking agreements giving direction etc..
and their immediate simulation in guided role play. 
Conversation courses include fluency improvement, also based on vocabulary synonims and opposites,
newspaper reading and discussion of current and updated topics. 
Free preliminary test in September.
Final certification.


  • 25.06.2016 18:01


    In settembre sono previste 3 lezioni di business English mirate all'apprendimento di un lessico...

  • 25.06.2016 00:00

    Date dei TESTS

    I test d'accesso sono gratuiti e non vincolanti, servono esclusivamente per valutare il...

  • 25.06.2016 00:00

    svolgimento corsi

    I corsi iniziano il 10 ottobre e durano fino a fine maggio. Sono monosettimanali, di 90 mn...

  • 25.06.2016 00:00

    inizio corsi: 10 ottobre

    LUNEDI:17/18.30    conversation  B118.30/ 20  corso standard...

  • 14.02.2016 20:04


    For any application by native speakers ( English or American), or even bilingual ones, please...

  • 07.09.2014 09:00

    New English Courses in Arcore

    English courses  "Hotel Sant’Eustorgio"  Via Gilera, 1, 20862, Arcore...

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